Scoop Magazine, Spring 2007


Former Halo head chef Scott O’Sullivan and partner Hazel Feather have opened a fine diner in South Perth. Scoop has always appreciated Scott’s deft touch with pastry, and we’re pleased that the first menu here features both a traditional suet pudding and a hearty meat pie. What we like best about this place, however, is Scott’s unabashed enthusiasm for his craft, which sees him and 2-I-C Adam Sayles producing interesting food both well executed and a little out of the ordinary. There’s enough energy at work here, a commitment to doing things the right way and a genuine pleasure in the cooking process that shines through in the food.

Think duo-tone chocolate tortellini, think a single, black squid ink ravioli filled with sweet slipper lobster flesh – and then think about how quickly you can get yourself down to South Perth to try Scott’s happy, intricate fare.


Miniature of desserts. Even if you truly can’t eat another morsel, this dessert combo shared between two is more-or-less mandatory if you’re into sweet stuff. The platter offers a little of everything from the dessert menu, from banana tarte tatin to rum and raisin ice cream and a white chocolate brulee.

Beef and rabbit pie.This rich, earthy braise of organic beef fillet, rabbit and shitake mushrooms hunkered down in an own-made shortcrust pastry shell has Scott’s name written all over it. Try it with a glass of Pemberton Pinot.

Slipper Lobster Raviolo.It’s rare to find this WA grown crustacean on the menu. The flesh is sweet, tender and just the ticket wrapped in squid ink pasta. Offsetting the richness is a sweet little salad of raw kingfish, blood orange and ginger.

Picture this. A low lit dining room filled with happy people, caring service under Scott’s missus, something from the extensive wine list and a plate of good cheese served with honey and Scott’s own pear and quince puree.

Could this be heaven?

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